Risk Assessment - The Wedding Wonder Show

If you intend on attending one of our events as an exhibitor please read and fill out the following risk assessment, in most cases there is very little risk but it’s very important you fill out any potential hazards. General safety rules are included in our exhibitor notes. If you have any problems filling this in simply e-mail us and we’ll be happy to help. If you see no risk, please select ‘none’ from the list, sign and complete the form it will automatically be forwarded to us.


You can also download the RISK ASSESSMENT PDF here – Please be sure to return to us before the event.



It is a legal requirement that every stand must submit a risk assessment, which must be returned to the organiser prior to the event. Any exhibitor providing food products for sampling must also submit an ingredients list to the organiser prior to the event. If you intend to have 16 -18 year olds or pregnant staff working on your stand a separate Risk Assessment must be submitted for them. We remind exhibitors this is a legal obligation.



Exhibitors requesting authorisation for sampling are reminded of their responsibilities under the Food Safety Act 1990 and all relevant hygiene and health regulations, a summary of requirements can be obtained from the local authority EHO regarding standards of operation. Sampling and distribution of food and beverages is only permitted when The Wedding Wonder Show has granted permission prior to the event. Food items: Samples must be bite sized and served in single units, they must be offered free of charge from a specific stand or location within the venue. Hawking and cash sales are not permitted.



Soft drinks: maximum portion size 3-4 fluid ounces/50ml Hot beverages: maximum portion size 3-4 fluid ounces/50ml. Beers & wines: maximum portion size 3 fluid ounces/50ml. Spirits and fortified wines: maximum size of 10ml.
We advise a maximum of 2 samples per person. Beverages and alcohol can only be sampled in single units and must be offered free of charge from a specific stand or location within the hall. Exhibitors must conform to a duty of care responsibility and any infringement of this or the licensing laws will make individual exhibitors open to prosecution.



Exhibitorscannot sample to the following categories: Anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who appears to be under the age of 18 or Anyone under the influence of alcohol.



All exhibitors must have relevant public liability insurance. All electronic equipment must be PAT tested. The organisers are not responsible for individual exhibitors negligence howsoever caused.

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Company Representative
Companyyour full name
Dateof appointment
Electricity Needed?
1. Hazards - Select the most appropriate category for the hazard you have identified. Look only for hazards on your stand, which you could reasonably expect to result in significant harm. Tick any of the following which are applicable:
Other Hazards:more details
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2. Who is at Risk – identify the people who are at risk from this hazard.
3A. Probability - How likely is the hazard to cause harm?
3B. Severity – What is the worst possible outcome?
3C. Risk Assessment Probability x Severity = Risk Rating - Very Low Risk, 1 to 4 Requires no action • Low Risk, 5 to 7 Requires no action • Medium Risk, 8 to 14 May require action or creating more awareness, look at specifics • High Risk, 15 to 36 Requires immediate action!
4. Existing control measures – What controls have been implemented to control hazard?
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5. Are these control measures adequate to contain hazards?
6. What additional controls are required to control hazard?more details
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I confirm that the above information supplied is accurate and that items on display for the above stand, and the construction process, represent a minimal risk to the Health & Safety of staff, contractors and visitors to the show.
Signed:your full name